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  • TA Performance Rover V8 Cylinder Heads
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    TA Performance's Rover V8 aluminum cylinder heads are the best performing heads available for the popular Rover V8 engines produced from 1967-2004. Based upon their V6 cylinder head, these heads are a great improvement over the factory and other aftermarket Rover cylinder heads.

    The major area of improvement in the performance of these heads is the improved intake and exhaust ports. Out of the box, these heads flow 225 cfm intake and 135 cfm exhaust. With porting, this head can easily yield 260 cfm on the intake and 190 cfm on the exhaust ports. In addition, the valve angle has been adjusted to 13 degrees to put the valves on the centerline of the bore which allows for the use of larger valves, up to 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust. The exhaust ports have also been raised 3/4" to help improve performance. These heads also feature a 1.850"-1.900" valve spring install height which allows for the use of higher lift cams. On 10.5:1 Compression engines, out of the box performance is usually 40+ HP.

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